Tuesday, July 29, 2014
4:39:46 AM

Strawberry Lemonade 
Tall and refreshing.  The perfect summer drink.

Broccoli Cheddar Knish
A delicious new combination created in our kitchen with potato, sauteed onion, broccoli and cheddar cheese.

Deep Fried Pickle Chips
Love pickles?  Try these - they're awesome!  Golden crisp breaded pickle chips served with Ranch and Kick N' Bayou sauces.

Alaskan Smoked Salmon Reuben or Rachael
A tradidional reuben or rachael, grilled with Alaskan smoked salmon, Swiss, kraut or cole slaw and Russian dressing, served with a side of cole slaw.  

The Smokin' BLT
Honey smoked turkey, smoked gouda cheese, bacon, lettuce and tomato on marble rye, Russian dressing and French fries on the side.

The Smokin' Grill
A grilled sandwich on rye with honey smoked turkey, smoked gouda, bacon and grilled onions.  Served on a platter with lettuce and tomato, onion rings and Kick N' Bayou sauce.

The Smokin' Bagel
Bagel of choice, honey smoked turkey, smoked gouda cheese with a schmear of chive cream cheese, red onion and lettuce

 Nantucket Grilled Cheese
Cabot sharp cheddar cheese and smoked salmon with a schmear of caper and red onion cream cheese grilled on marble rye, with lettuce. 

Foot Long Hot Dog
Hebrew National dog, boiled or grilled with all kinds of toppings awailable, served with fries.


Blueberry Bread Pudding
An authentic baked custard with blueberries and a touch of cinnamon,   served warm and drizzled with sweet vanilla cream sauce

Enjoy a refreshing summertime beer or cocktail...now featuring:

  • White Chardonnay Sangria
  • Melonberry Cocktail
  • Mango Tango
  • Shiner Bock
  • Leinen Kugel 'Summer Shandy'


Rein's is pleased to
present our 
Gluten Free Menu
complete with GF Bagels,
Cream Cheese & Nova
and your favorite
Hot Pastrami or Corned Beef on a GF Caraway Roll

See our Menu Page for a complete listing of what
we offer.


We now stock the following Gluten Free Items in our Freezer Case for your convenience:

GF Plain Bagels
GF Everything Bagels
GF Plain Rolls
GF Caraway Rolls
GF Macaroni & Cheese
GF Potato Pancakes
 GF Fudge Brownies
 GF Chocolate Chip Macaroons
 Apple Pie
Chocolate or Cinnamon Ruggalach 
GF Frosted Cupcakes
GF Cookies
GF Bread Crumbs
New Cookie Dough for baking

Welcome and
Bon Appetit!


Rein's Pickles 
They're a year-round phenomenon!

So don't leave Rein's without a BUCKET
of our famous
half sours... whatever the occasion, they're counting on YOU bringing the

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Welcome to the on-line home of
Rein's N.Y. Style

435 Hartford Turnpike (Exit 65 off I-84), Vernon, CT 06066
TEL: 860-875-1344
FAX: 860-871-1960

Bob Rein had a passion for high quality, flavorful deli.  Bob and Betty loved to entertain friends and family.  Our family gatherings centered around great home cooking.  Guests who frequented our home left with appetites delightfully satisfied and hearts warmed by shared friendship.

Bob did it his way - using only the best ingredients to draw out the flavors of the fine food we serve at Rein's Deli.  Our food is seasoned, but not spicy.  We use just enough Hellman's Mayonnaise to hold our salads together.  You can always add more.  We have yet to find a more flavorful Corned Beef or Pastrami than Hebrew National.  We use genuine Switzerland Swiss cheese and White Albacore Tuna.  We serve locally grown produce whenever possible.  We use triple washed green leaf lettuce and red Burmuda onion.  Our salads also boast spring mix, baby spinach and grape tomatoes.  Whatever you order, from soup to nuts, QUALITY is the first ingredient.  In 1972, Bob coined our motto, "The Taste of Quality is Long Remembered."  We remain true to that philosophy today.

We invite you to try anything from our menu.  We are proud of it all!  If something should go amiss, please let us know and we will do our best to resolve the situation.  We strive each and every day to meet and exceed your expectations in quality, quantity and service.  We thank you for the opportuniy to serve you, as we understand that you have a choice in where you dine.

We especially thank you for sharing in Bob's passion.

                                                    -Bob Rein 1925 - 1988

Vernon location

Vernon Location
Open 7 am - Midnight, 7 days a week

435 Hartford Tpk, Exit 65 off of I-84, Vernon, CT 06066     TEL: 860-875-1344      FAX: 860-871-5420
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