For The Buffet Table

Stuffed Cabbage

In sweet and sour sauce with raisins

Regular | $68.00 (20 pieces)
Large | $125.00 (40 pieces)

Macaroni and Cheese

Made with sharp white cheddar

Regular | $39.00 (Serves 8-10)
Large | $72.00 (Serves 15-20)

Blintz Souffle

Our delicious cheese blintzes, baked in a rich custard and topped
with cherries and blueberries.

Regular | $38.00 (Serves 15-20)
Large | $74.00 (Serves 30-40)

Chicken Pot Pie

An old time favorite with tender chunks of chicken, carrots, mushrooms and peas
in a rich white sauce.

Regular | $39.00 (Serves 8-10)
Large | $72.00 (Serves 15-20)

Potato Kugel

The classic potato pudding

Regular | $28.00 (Serves 15-20)
Large | $50.00 (Serves 30-40)

Noodle Kugel

Loaded with egg noodles, sour cream, cottage cheese, etc.
(Or we'll make it with fruit)

Regular | $34.00 (Serves 15-20)
Large | $62.00 (Serves 30-40)

Matzoh Vegetable Kugel

Regular | $34.00 (Serves 15-20)
Large | $64.00 (Serves 20-40)

Tossed Garden Salad

With your choice of dressings

Regular | $32.00 (Serves 15-20)
Large | $58.00 (Serves 30-40)


House Specialties

Double Sloppy Joe Platter

A delicious 4-decker club sandwich piled high with Pastrami, Salami and Corned Beef, Russian Dressing and Cole Slaw.  Or make up your own combinations.  Served with a centerpiece of pickles and olives.         

Serves 8-10 people | $76.00


Double Sloppy Joe Platter

Deli-Style Combo Platter

Four delicious triple-deckers stuffed with a variety of deli: (2) Pastrami, Corned Beef and Swiss Cheese and (2) Turkey, Roast Beef and Swiss Cheese served on rye and pumpernickel schmeared with Russian Dressing and topped with Cole Slaw.  All arranged around a center piece of pickles and olives.

Serves 4-6 people | $44.00


Deli-Style Combo Platter

Club Style Sandwich Platter

Four different triple-deckers made with bacon, lettuce and tomato, served on rye and pumpernickel.  Turkey, chicken salad, baked ham and roast beef clubs are arranged around a centerpiece of pickles and olives.                                                      

Serves 4-6 people | $36.00


Club Style Sandwich Platter