Carnegie Cheesecake Special  - NOW til end of February
Two (2) small for 14.00 (reg 8.50 ea.)
One (1) large for 25.00 (reg 30.00 ea.)  Feeds 10 - 14

Coming Soon.....
Buy three (3) Chicken Pot Pies, get one (1)
Feb 27 - Mar 10

January 27 - February 27

Southwest Corn Chowder with Chicken
Southwest style chowder with fire-grilled chicken, red and green bell peppers, cayenne pepper and potatoes.

Chili Cheddar French Fries
 Meat or Vegetarian Chili and Cabot Sharp Cheddar on top of our awesome steak fries.  Yummm!

Beef or Vegetarian Chili with the Works

Our own chili, topped with melted Sharp cheddar, Chopped red onion, Bagel Chips, Sour cream and hot pepper garnish.

Bacon Muenster Burger Plate

A sizzling burger (6 oz pre-cook weight) with Muenster cheese, served with lettuce, tomato, red onion, and crispy bacon on top w/ Fries piled high on the side.

Hot Open Sliced Turkey Sandwich
All white meat turkey served open faced on white bread with turkey gravy, cranberry sauce, French fries, and a side of cole slaw.

Hot Open Sliced Roasted Brisket of Beef

Roasted Brisket of Beef served open faced on rye bread with brisket gravy, boiled potato and a side of cole slaw.

Hot Open Sliced Roast Beef Sandwich
Our own tender roast beef
served open faced on white bread with beef gravy, French fries and a
side of cole slaw.

Dessert and Drink Features:

Pecan Pie ala Mode
Only the best from our kitchen to your table, served warm, if you like, with vanilla ice cream.  It's THAT good!

Chocolate Fudge Layer Cake
Made in our kitchen, this lusciously rich and moist cake has a fudgy cream cheese frosting.  A signature cake. 

Iced Mocha
A delicious iced mocha coffee made from our new Cold Brewed coffee, Fox's U-Bet chocolate syrup, whipped cream and chocolate drizzle

Bailey's Mocha Frappucino
Cold Brewed coffee, Bailey's Irish Cream, milk, Fox's U-Bet Chocolate Syrup and whipped cream garnished with chocolate shavings

Apple-Caramel Bread Pudding
Apples, caramel sauce, nutmeg and cinnamon in an authentic baked custard pudding.  Served warm and drizzled with sweet cream sauce.

Hot Buttered Rum
A Rein's signature cocktail made from our own secret ice cream recipe blended with Captain Morgan's Spiced Rum.  The perfect ending to a great meal before heading out into the cold!

Featured Beers
Thomas Hooker Nor'easter
Mermaid Pilsner
Stony Creek's Little Cranky IPA
Blue Moon Cappuccino Oatmeal Stout